I can help you transcend any problems you have, and leave the call feeling energised and ready to embrace life with both hands.

Meet Nandini

Nandini Kumaran is the author of a 2 book series of Soulmate Relationships. She has regularly appeared at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals across Australia as the Love Expert and leads talks and meditations to fully booked rooms. Nandini is the founder of the platform Its All About Love where she helps single professional women stay connected with their dreams of finding their true love, their dream of having a fulfilling and happy relationship and finally having that family that they desire. Her flagship course Transcend All Barriers To Love empowers single women to breakthrough their love barriers and get closure on any past relationships that might be hindering their attempts at manifesting their divine partners. Nandini is a Love & Relationship Mentor. She is trained in Metaphysical and Spiritual practices such as and not limited to Quan Yin & Kundalini Reiki, Past Life Regression, Crystal Dreaming, Meditation Teacher, Soul Realignment, Soulmate and Twin Flame Reiki Master and other various healing and life coaching modalities. Nandini has a massive passion for helping single professionals find true love in their lifes. Her main aim when working with a client is for them to quickly move from a place of attracting incompatible men, or men who don’t commit to instead transition into experiencing a deeply loving relationship within themselves so that they can share this love with their soulmate when they attract them into their lives.


Psychic Reading

Are you anxious about your life?  Do you have questions about your relationships, career, business, or finance? Do you sometimes feel stuck?  Speak to me to gain clarity and insights so you can be happier and find ways to move forward.

Love & Manifestation Workbook $9

New Book Reveals My Proven System to Use Law of Alignment To Manifesting More Love and Romance Into Your Life…

 Attract Your Soulmate $111

You Are Invited To Join Us For A Journey to Uncover Your Love Barriers and Attract Your Soulmate

Manifest Your Divine Partner

Breakthrough your love barriers, embrace you inner goddess and manifest your divine partner.  The first step would be to book a Relationship Reading with me.



Morning, I just wanted to let u know that I have moved on and already made plans for the new year. I got new plants for the house. I feel happy and better . I would like to thank you so much for your guidance , advice and support through one of the difficult times in my life. I will be sure to call on your help if I should need it in the future. All the very best to you and your family!


Love Coaching Client

It was really good to talk to my guardian angels and know their names. The meditation to help clear the blocks and fears was truly good as now I am able to connect with my angels daily. Thank you!


Workshop Attendee

Thank you so much for an amazing day! I truly enjoyed feeling the presence of my angels and receiving my messages. nandini held the space and guided us into a nice meditative place so we could really connect with our angels without any fear. I would highly recommend the Angel workshop to anyone who might be thinking of attending it. Absolutely loved it!

Lisa Zahra

Workshop Attendee

Things you have said are happening exactly in the same time duration. The moment when I came to see you my life was totally upside down and didn’t know why all of a sudden happening to me. The way you mentioned everything about me was quiet crystal clear and also the Crystal Dreaming sessions were unbelievable. Just wanted to say thanks for everything and you are doing a great job helping people in such a unique way.


Crystal Dreaming & Psychic Reading Client
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