Nandini Kumaran is a gifted Angel intuitive and Soul Coach.  She is a Love & Abundance Activator for your soul.  She has regularly appeared at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals across Australia as the Love & Abundance Expert and leads talks and meditations to fully booked rooms.

Nandini is the founder of the platform Its All About Love where she helps you stay connected with your dreams of having an amazing relationship infused with a delicious abundant lifestyle that you have truly desired.  Her flagship program empowers you to find your true divine self, your gifts and manifesting powers.  It helps you to realign with your soul and get in the flow of the universe hence bring froth from the soul dimension into the physical dimension all that your soul truly desires.

She is trained in Metaphysical and Spiritual practices such as and not limited to Akashic Records, Quan Yin & Kundalini Reiki, Past Life Regression, Crystal Dreaming, Meditation Teacher and other various healing modalities.

Nandini has a massive passion for activating the potential within you.  Her main aim when working with a client is for them to truly own their own soul gifts and understand themselves before starting on the journey of manifesting their true desires.  After all you cannot manifest what you truly desire if you don’t stand in your own divinity.  Her goal is to raise your vibration by realigning you to your own unique potential.

In her consultations Nandini has come across many people who are completely cut off from their own souls desires.   They are so caught up in the day to day activity that their vibration is very low.  They aren’t able to connect with their own souls.  The choices that they make on a daily basis takes them further away from their own divine gifts.

The society doesn’t help either.  As you try to make different choices your own family and friends might ridicule you or downright tell you that you are crazy for even trying.  This is just because most people are afraid of their own true potential.  Its time to stand up and shine.  

The programs and tools that Nandini offers are designed to help you reconnect with yourself, raise your vibration and realign with your soul desires.  These tools are meant to realign and activate within you your manifesting potential so you are able to quickly manifest all your hearts desires.