The key to attracting your divine soul mate is having access to the right set of instructions.

If you go about it the wrong way, all you’ll do is go round and round in circles and not achieve your destination… which is finding TRUE love.
There could be things standing in your way.

I call them “love blocks or love barriers”

By my research and experience, love blocks are the major obstacles that stand between most people and their unique BETTER half.

You have within you ALL you need to uncover true love.

So do this now. I want you to think about the things that could be acting as love blocks in your life.

Could be your self worth, self esteem , self confidence and self love. Or is it to do with your past relationships and childhood. Or do you have conscious or unconscious beliefs of what love should look like? Are these yours or have you just adopted them?

Sit quietly and journal the answers. Think deep and go back as far as your childhood.

If you do this then you will have started compiling a list of love blocks that you currently have within yourself which are preventing you from activating your twin flame.

You have within you ALL you need to uncover true love. Once you identify and release these love blocks you can then start to activate your twin flame within yourself and pull into your life your divine partner.

So that’s it from me today and as I said before your love blocks are what is preventing you from activating your twin flame within yourself.

I would like to know your thoughts so lets have a conversation. You can comment with what you found valuable. Or else optin for your FREE 15 minute “Are You Ready for Love” session below. I’m going to spend time with you to identify all the love blocks standing in your way, and show you how to remove them from your path so the Divine can take its cause. I want to help you speed up your chances of meeting your divine soul mate.