This is a festive season where you spend time with people that you love dearly. It is a time of forgiveness and gratitude. Time to forget any misgivings that might have happened and have love and gratitude for your family and friends.

I just wanted to post a quick video about gratitude and the importance of having this in your life. Especially around this time.

This could also be the season where single ladies feel the absence of a partner even more. When everyone is spending time with their loved ones, you feel the absence of that special someone. Especially if you are surrounded by other happy couples and most people ask you about your love life.

You yourself might ask yourself this question as to why you can’t seem to be in a healthy long term relationship. This could be a very trying time for some of you.

Fill up your cup of love and commit to finding your soulmate for 2016. Your cup needs to be filled before you go seeking love from another.

So take your time my dear friends and give your love freely to all your family and friends. And then fill yourself up with love and gratitude for all that is around you.

I wish you and your family a very wonderful and happy Christmas!!

Lots of love and Angel Blessings
– Nandini Kumaran and the Team at Its All About Love