At first sight there seems to be a surreal connection between the two of you.

Even before this encounter you are surprisingly too open and wanting to just have fun and soak in life.

As you do this… here comes this person that just holds you spellbound.

You observe you have the same effect on him or her, and begin to wonder if this could this be the person…

In most instances you wouldn’t wait to receive an answer. You just want he moment with this person not to come to an end.

You guys kick off something really hot, and can’t get enough of each other.:)

Unfortunately… the party comes to an end far too soon.

You guys wake up one morning and there doesn’t seem to be any meaningful connection between you and them.

Maybe you’ve experienced this or are yet to, but I’ll give you some reasons why that person is a counterfeit of your twin flame, so you don’t rest easy feeling you’ve met that divine partner.

1. Constant obsession over the person. You are continually in doubt and wondering whether he is the one?

2. They manipulate your time by being late, cancelling plans at last moment, saying they will call and don’t, etc., this is done to get your reaction… your energy.

3. They rarely apologize or give clear definite responses to your questions and concerns.

4. They always show up again after you let them go.

5. There’s always an overpowering sexual energy exchange between the two of you.

6. They don’t like opening up but will draw information out of you.

7. They get angry when you pull away or have a sense of your own power.

8. They exhibit intense jealousy and/or will try to make you jealous by talking of other relationships they’ve had.

9. You feel disoriented, emotionally drained, tired, or worried for no reason when you are in their company or think of them.

10. They are always controlling and display manipulative tactics.

Observe these signs, and you’ll know this person is a counterfeit twin flame

How do you easily spot your twin flame? I’ll give you the signs in my next video. Don’t miss it.

So that’s it from me today and as I wish you ladies found this video interesting

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By the way in my next video I will talk to you about the signs of Twin Flames.