If you truly desire to meet your twin flame, you need to put in some personal effort to speed things up.

One way to do this is to cast a soul mate spell. Why I call it a spell is because I want you to have full faith in the universe. That the universe will bring to you what it is that you truly desire.

A spell is an energy sequence you send out into the universe to focus you on the task of attracting your soulmate or divine partner.
As you cast this spell, it echoes round the ether, making your intentions known.

For better concentration, you need to pen down the qualities of the soul mate you are attracting. And for this you need to be crystal clear.
You need to take your time and be as specific as possible. Every attribute you desire in this person, list them down.

After your list is complete, you perform a little ritual.
You burn up the piece of paper and send your message out as it burns.
You also need to engage in some meditation, concentrating on asking for your twin flame.

After your ritual, place all your belief in the power of this spell, just believing that the universe has heard your little request and desire to bring your divine partner into your life.
and if you have complete faith then you’ll see exciting results!

So that’s it from me today and as I wish you ladies found this formula interesting and would love hear your results.

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By the way in my next video I will talk to you about Counterfeit Twin Flames.