Single Woman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day –  5 Things to Not Do

In your 30’s and 40’s and still single at Valentine’s Day?  After my divorce I have been there.  I have been single on Valentine’s Day.  Since I started dating I had actually never been single on this day so I never really realised the pressure it puts on a single woman.

I had always been one of those cute couples in love and oblivious to others.  But this changed when I hit 30 and found myself single that year.

So I have put together a list of things that a single woman should not do near or on Valentine’s Day.  This list I have compiled after working with thousands of single women who are searching for love.

1. Romantic Comedy Marathons.

I am a huge romantic and I love rom coms.  Sometimes I wouldn’t even leave the house and put the Hallmark Channel on.  Well I realised this isn’t such a great idea for Valentine’s day.  Watching the Hallmark’s idea of an ideal relationship, as the damsels found their prince charming.  It was like rubbing salt into my wounds.  So that was a huge “no-no” for me after this. 

2. First Dates

Well if you are single and dateless around this time of the year, then usually women tend to find themselves going online looking to see if they can find someone.  The last thing you want to do is go on a first date on Valentine’s Day.  This puts so much pressure on you guys. You will be surrounded by all the other lovely couples and there’s that feeling that you should be a part of this group as well.  There is already the nervousness of the first date and then add the pressure of Valentine’s Day and even if there was any romance that could have blossomed, it would be under a lot of stress.  So might be best to keep the first date for either before or after the Valentine’s Day.  You can maybe try online dating a week earlier and make this your second date.

3. Gifts

If you have been seeing/dating someone for a very short time, this probably isn’t the best time to give gifts.  It could be very awkward if the other person hasn’t bought you any gifts.  For men it could almost feel like you are rushing things.  So if you are sort of new then just opt for going out rather than giving lavish gifts.

4.  Calling Your Exes

I know this sounds so simple right.  Why would you even call your ex on Valentine’s Day.  But I have seen women who have done just this.  so ladies on V Day whatever you do, don’t call your ex.  I know its hard and you might just want to hear his voice or just to talk.  But it will only reopen your wounds.  The last thing you want to hear about is their new love interest, or what they are planning on doing.  Best thing to do, if you really want to talk is call one of your girlfriends.

5.  Don’t Go out with Girlfriends to Bars And Hate Valentine’s Day

There is nothing enticing about a group of women who go out to a bar and dance in a women only circle.  There is no reason to hate Valentine’s Day just because you are not in a relationship and not in love.  Its not the day for “girl power”.  I really am not a huge fan of this concept where women get on the high horse and say “I don’t need a man”.  Everybody knows that a woman doesn’t need a man.  Most of the women that I talk to “Want” a man.  They have their lives in order and now want to be loved and cherished.

This mindset is really damaging and best to be avoided.  Plus men don’t approach women if they are in a big group dancing together.   

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the Single Women’s Guide where I will be writing about things that you can do.

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