When can I meet my soul mate?

I keep getting this question from people who say they are ready to meet that divine person, and my answer is always…

You need… Divine timing!

Divine timing has to do with events occurring according to a divine plan.

This means your realising that there’s a greater cause at work in your life.

Because we live in a linear world we always want to be in the know about seemingly inexplicable things.

In our regular world, there’s always a time routine…

Day breaks… we do morning stuff.

Noon comes… we switch to our afternoon routine.

Night comes… night chores come on.

Keeping time is of the essence.

But, in the spiritual you don’t need to do that. There’s no time or space.

According to divine timing, everything occurs “now.”

So, your divine timing as relates to connecting with your soul mate would be when you and/or your mate have learned all you need to know about getting divinely connected.

You cannot force God or the universe to make things work faster.

Maybe you still have some life lessons to go through before you meet your soul mate.

One activity that can be of great help to you for now, as you long to meet that divine person for you, would be to focus on yourself.


Don’t worry… I’ll help you out.

As you focus on yourself; time moves forward, as it were, to effect the divine connection.

This connection is inevitable.

In my next video, I’m going to show you a faster way to connecting with your divine partner. Don’t miss it!